Your Purpose is in Your Gut

Do you feel like your life is 'stuck'? Do you wake up and feel like there is no point in rolling out of bed because there is nothing to do? Is your current career giving you anxiety and your gut is telling you that there is something more out there? Do you lack fulfillment?

These are common concerns that I have heard from people, especially throughout this global pandemic. Many people are feeling hopeless like they are not sure what they should be doing. I don't blame them at all. So many of us have been laid off or trapped inside our homes while the virus wreaks havoc outside. We have been tearing our hair out taking care of kids and watching endless news circuits on tv that are basically depicting hell on earth. There are floods, fires, earthquakes, murders, suicides, and of course, Covid-19. It's hard to feel anything but hopeless.

But I am a spiritual person and I am trying to see the bigger picture. Like pretty much everyone, I have had time to think about it. Here are my two main thoughts:

  1. The universe is doing BIG things. Truly. I try not to question it. Some days are hard but then I remind myself to just trust in the process. Our ancestors throughout history have felt hopeless at times through plagues and wars. They made it through somehow to create beautiful moments that built off of one another and eventually led to us being born. Isn't that miraculous?

  2. Humanity will be better for it. Do not get me wrong. It makes me sad that people are dying. Going to the grocery store makes me anxious. I miss seeing all my family and friends, freely, without the lurking worry that we will contract the virus. But, the world was off. There were too many things only months ago that needed to change, too many priorities that were completely backward. Many families were not spending enough time together. Now we know what we have to lose. Many parents were too busy working to help their children. This pandemic demanded that they do it anyway. Society, as a whole, has been forced to think in new ways and become enlightened. Do I wish that the circumstances behind this enlightenment weren't so scary? Absolutely. However, change and growth do not come from easy situations; they come from trying times. If I have to see the light at the end of this dark-ass tunnel, that's it.

Getting back to today's topic of knowing your purpose, I want to reference one of my amazing lady friends, Jenny, who was our Woman of Empowerment a few weeks back. She mentioned that we live in a "prescriptive society". This resonates with me completely, and I want to elaborate further.

From the time we are born, society begins telling us what we will do and how we will be. We are sent to school at 5-years old (sometimes younger) and told to sit in a desk to learn. We go year by year this way until we reach high school. This is where they start talking to us about what we are going to be. We are taught the underlying message that unless you make a boatload of money, you're not successful. Overall, the prescription is:

  1. Do really well in school so that you can do more schooling

  2. Get a really good job that will provide you with lots of money

  3. Buy a big house and a new car, plus a boat, a motorcycle, and a camper because you can

  4. Meet your partner and have a family

  5. Teach your kids the same things that you were taught

  6. Money

  7. Money

  8. Money

Does this sound familiar? Now, some people are fine with this life. They are completely content with having all their fancy things and with comparing their "success" to the success of other families. That's fine. I am not here to judge and this article is not aimed at you.

This article is aimed at the people who are living this type of life but are feeling like something is missing. I'm talking to the people who go to their well-paying jobs, and have the nice items that show they have well-paying jobs, yet they are miserable. This is for the ones who can't sleep at night because they are so riddled with anxiety regarding what they do or don't have by a certain age (ie. I'm 35. I should have this, this, and this). To all of you, I say: Stop. Breathe. Listen.

Society gave us a prescription but the Universe had its own in mind. Think of it this way: before we came to earth, our souls were given missions, purposes so to speak. Some of us came here with our missions in mind and we knew what we were meant to be doing without ever questioning it. Others forgot about their missions or got sidetracked. This is where they adopted the 'generic societal prescription'. They lost themselves and strayed from their true paths.

If you are the one who has strayed, the little lost sheep, don't worry my love. I have good news. You don't have to stay 'stuck'. The beauty of paths is that you can leave the one you're on, the one that doesn't quite feel right, cross the bumpy (sometimes rocky) terrain, and land on the one that is drawing you in like a magnet, your true path. It might look completely different than the one you're on but you will know if it's right by how you feel in your gut.

I'd like to share the example of my best friend. After college, she started out working in a well-paying industry, making a really good wage. She worked extremely hard for her salary and did not have a lot of time to actually live her life. So, while she had money and was able to purchase a home by herself, she wasn't happy. She was tired of the long drive, run-down from working double shifts, and was bored with the industry she worked in. Further, it wasn't good for her health. Her gut feeling told her it was time to move on, and so she did! She worked her butt off to become her own boss with her own hours. She became a wife and a mother and feels much more fulfilled, despite the pay cut. Her path is not yet finished, but already, before 30 years old, she made a big career change. I couldn't be more proud of her.

I urge you to make a change if you feel like one is needed.

Maybe now is not the right time to actually make the change, but it might be time to start thinking of your options. Pay close attention to what draws you in. It seems simple, but your intuition (ie. "that gut feeling") is telling you what you need to be doing, what you are destined to be doing. Your purpose is right there in your gut; you just need to tune in and pay attention. Please do not feel like you need to follow everyone else's paths.

Don't let your soul stray from your path for too long, friend. As always, be kind and love yourself.

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