The Value of Good Friends

Hey Guys!

Let’s give a warm welcome to Monday! I know that most people hate Mondays but I choose not to. If I hated one day out of every week, that is one day too many spent on pure negativity.

Also, I don’t want to merely “get through” Mondays. Life is short enough as it is, so I will enjoy each and every day.

So, I’m going to kill Monday with kindness, and start the week off right by writing about something that is dear to me: my friends!

Finding Time Amidst the Chaos of Life

As we are getting older we are all becoming busy with significant others, children, work, travel, etc. It makes it difficult to see each other.

Our clubbing days are over.

So what do you do when some of you have kids, some are working shift work, others are dealing with family stressors, and most evenings are accounted for?

Why, you get together for Sunday brunch of course!

I decided that because we are all so busy and we each have our own schedules, hosting brunch would be my best option for getting everyone together. Christmas is coming, meaning we will all go our separate ways for a few weeks as we coast through family festivities.

Unfortunately, not all of my lovely gals were able to attend. But those who couldn’t come had awesome excuses. One has a 1-week old baby, and the other was on a little family getaway. Completely understandable!

Brunch was an Awesome Idea

I set the table nicely with Christmas crackers, ornaments, and festive napkins. Each person provided a dish. Thanks to my amazing friends, we had a delicious array of sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, cinnamon buns, muffins, cheese buns, croissants, orange juice, and coffee (with Baileys obviously . . . well not for me). I think the theme should have been “Eat Your Carbs” because that we did. No regrets here!

We sipped, ate, laughed, and truly enjoyed each other’s company. Gathering in the late morning gave us all time to wake up from our Saturday evenings, and yet we didn’t feel rushed to go home to the responsibilities of prepping for a new week.

Brunch is highly recommended. The only thing that would have made it better is mimosas 😉

Friends Should Always Remain a Priority

I get it. I said it before and I’ll repeat myself. Life is busy. As our identities and roles shift, so do our priorities.

Are my children and husband my number one priorities? Absolutely.

That being said, my Nana once had a magnet on her refrigerator that had a quote: “friends are the family we choose for ourselves”.

I completely agree with this statement. I have picked these amazing women to be part of my “family”, a carefully selected support system. Each one of them adds a special quality into my life, and I would never want to be without them.

More than that, anyone with quality friendships knows that you can go a while without talking to these individuals, yet when you are able to find time for each other it’s like no time has passed at all.

All it takes is a two-second text message saying “I’m thinking of you”, or a FaceTime chat with a faraway friend to reconnect you. I know this sounds corny, but these people you have chosen have your back, not because they have to, but because they want to. They see as much value in you as you see in them.

Don’t ever take them for granted 🙂 .

Helping Our Children to Choose Good Friends

We are our children’s first example for pretty much everything. They mimic what we say, what we do, and how we act.

They also learn how to love themselves from us.

One of the best ways to love yourself is to surround yourself with people who respect you and always have your best interests at heart. After all, you are totally worth it!

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We want to make sure they know how to pick their “group”.

I don’t know if you remember being in junior high school. I certainly do. It wasn’t long ago. Okay, who am I kidding. It was a while ago, according to the fine lines around my eyes.

Anyways, I can only speak from a girl’s perspective but junior high was a perfect example of the importance of choosing good friends. The posse that you picked made or broke your experience. I was lucky to have a great group who lifted me up (metaphorically speaking), but some of my other peers had a rough time.

I picked awesome people because my mama taught me how 🙂 . She always said:

  1. Do not befriend mean girls/boys

  2. Do not be a mean girl

  3. Make sure your friends can make you laugh

  4. Ignore the people who do not encourage you (probably not in those words, but that’s what she meant)

Mama Charlene was smart and I truly believe that she would love all the ladies I have picked. God knows she would have been at brunch, probably drinking a beer with orange juice. You can read more about my beautiful mother here.

Life Changes, as do Friendships

I had some really good friends in high school who I thought would be around for the rest of my life. It turns out I was wrong.

As I got older, matured, and realized what was important in my life, I had to “weed” through some of the people who discouraged me and added unnecessary stress.

This might seem mean or selfish, but I assure you it is not.

You can look at it the same way as you would a romantic relationship. If life progresses and you both change in ways that do not compliment each other, then it will probably not work.

I don’t have any regrets about those few people I said goodbye to. At specific points in our lives, we served a purpose for each other, but it just didn’t work out. It’s okay!

I just remind myself that I will be raising my children around the friends I have chosen. It isn’t just about me anymore. I have to ask myself:

  1. Will these women encourage and “build up” my children?

  2. Are my friends good role models?

  3. If I need help, will they help me and my kids?

In my case, the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’. I’m a lucky girl!

Thank You

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to all the ladies in my life. You have all been with me through some of the best and worst times in my life. Thank you for always supporting me and for encouraging me to be the best version of me. My children are extremely lucky to have you in their lives <3

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