Swaddling Saved Us

Sleep. We need it. We crave it. We go crazy without it. Unfortunately, babies do not typically care if we sleep or not. On the contrary, we pray for them to sleep, or at least I did! The first couple months are really tough. I know my daughter hated her bassinet. She also hated sleeping on her back (and still does). This made for long nights of swaddling (after watching online videos of “fool-proof” swaddling methods), rocking, placing in the bassinet, baby ninja-kicking out of swaddle somehow, and repeat. It sucked.

One night after re-swaddling daughter dearest about four times, I remembered a gift that I  had received from a good friend who has two small children and had mastered the newborn phase. It was a velcro fleece swaddle called a Halo Sleep Sack and it was safely tucked away in my hallway closet, unused and kind of forgotten due to our new hectic life. I feel so sad that I lost as much sleep as I did during the first couple weeks because this soft little cocoon might have actually saved us. As soon as we wrapped up the baby, she closed her eyes and went to sleep. Miracles do happen.

My girl fast asleep in her sleep sack 

One thing that I absolutely love about this product (besides the fact that babies can’t escape from it) is that it zips downwards instead of up. This makes midnight diaper changes so much easier. You don’t have to undress baby, meaning they won’t get cold, and you are not struggling with flailing legs in the dark. Another nice feature is that you can purchase one made from fleece or from cotton. Our little girl was born just before winter so the fleece version was perfect. However, I will be purchasing a lighter cotton sleep sack for her to sleep in when the weather gets warmer.

Now, keep in mind that not all babies like to be swaddled. Our baby didn’t like to be swaddled in particular, but she needed to be, or her startle reflex would wake her up. Now that she is a bit older we only swaddle her body and leave her arms free. The Halo Sleep Sack allows you to do that.

Point blank, understanding babies and their sleeping preferences is an uphill battle. One night they like to be swaddled, and the next night they hate it. Save yourself the trouble if you can and find a product that is versatile 🙂 .

Do you have any tips on keeping babies comfortable? If so, please comment below. Summer will be here before we know it and I don’t want my kid to overheat!

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