Saving Money with President’s Choice World Elite Mastercard

I have been wanting to write this post for a VERY long time, mainly because I have a great financial tip to share. I do not like to keep secrets, especially when I know something that will save families a significant amount of money. Here’s my secret: President’s Choice brand.

Now that I think about it, I guess it really isn’t a secret. Many people (mostly Canadian people who shop at Loblaws companies) are probably aware of President’s Choice and how awesome their products are. I pretty much love everything President’s Choice including their ice cream, sparkling water, baby food, pizza crusts, frozen vegetables, sauces, crackers, and the list goes on. However, what I have come to love most is their President’s Choice World Elite Mastercard. I’ll tell you why.

I legitimately save a significant amount of money on groceries. I’m talking $80.00 minimum per month (last month I saved $120.00). Any parent knows that saving this amount is a big deal. How I save this money is as follows:

  1. I use my President’s Choice World Elite Mastercard for everything, whether I am making a big purchase such as groceries, or a small purchase like a $1.00 coffee at McDonald’s. Like most credit cards, you get points for every dollar that you spend (in this case, PC Optimum points).

  2. I do most of my grocery shopping at Superstore, No Frills and Shoppers Drug Mart (all Loblaws companies). I get extra points for shopping at these stores.

  3. I pay attention to my weekly PC Optimum offers. The offers that each person is sent is tailored to how they shop. For instance, I purchase many types of baby products in a month such as baby food, diapers, wipes, and formula. I now receive offers like “get 200 points for every $1 spent on President’s Choice Organics Baby Food”. Keep in mind that these “bonus points” are a nice addition to the points I will already receive just by shopping at Superstore and using my PC Mastercard.

  4. Once I have accumulated enough points (10 000 points is $10) I redeem them at the cashier. Just yesterday my bill was about $90. I had $50 worth of points to use, so I used them. You may think that it took me a while to obtain those points, but you would be wrong. Two weeks ago I used $60 worth of points, and the week before that I had $10 worth. They add up quickly, especially because you get them by purchasing items you would normally. You also gain more points by filling up for gas at Esso and Superstore gas stations. You have nothing to lose!

You can sign up for this credit card at most Superstore locations. However, here is the most exciting tip I have to share. If you use this link- President’s Choice World Elite Mastercard, you can actually get a free $100.00 gift card (of your choice) to Cineplex, Starbucks, iTunes, or various restaurants. THIS IS NOT A SCAM. I signed up using the link, and once I activated my PC Mastercard, I received a $100.00 Starbucks gift card in my email. There are no gimmicks or hidden messages. You just get a free gift by applying for and activating a credit card that will save you a ton of money if you let it.

So there you have it, an easy way to save your family money and to get a free gift. Date night to the movies anyone?

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