Recipe: My Mom’s Tomato Soup, Rice, and Ground Beef Concoction

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Happy Tuesday! I’m glad that Monday is over. Let me tell you, some days are very trying. It’s like babies know that Mondays are not supposed to be fun.

Ava and I usually have a pretty good weekday routine. She wakes up, we eat breakfast and play for a couple hours and then she goes down for a two hour nap.

Not yesterday.

Even though Ava was yelling at me and rubbing her eyes all morning, she refused to have a nap. Then her nose started running and I realized that she is teething again. Good grief. These teeth need to let me know their schedule so that I can prepare.

She was still pretty happy when we were playing. I had her giggling lots. So, I got the brilliant idea that I would attempt Santa Photos at the mall.

Shame on me.

I won’t get into details. I will just say that we will have to try again next week, Santa was no match for Miss Sassy Pants today.

Anyways, she STILL WOULD NOT NAP after being awake for 6+ hours.

Moving on

But then all of a sudden she yawned, and off to La La Land she went. Thank the Lord above. I finally got my morning late afternoon coffee.

I sat down to drink my piping hot coffee and watch some intelligent television programming 90 Day Fiance. I was just getting into it when my “momness” kicked in, telling me I needed to prep dinner while I had time.

No problem! I have been meal planning for the past month or so, meaning that I already had the ingredients I needed and I knew what I was making.

I haven’t posted a recipe yet because most of the meals I cook are from Pinterest, and they are not mine.

However, this recipe is super dear to me.

It was my mom’s. Actually, she stole it from the cook at my daycare from when I was 7 years old. But in my mind, it is my mom’s.

This recipe literally has three ingredients, but you can add whatever you want. Mom used Minute Rice, ground beef, and tomato soup. I like to make it a tad healthier with ground turkey and brown rice. Use this as a base, and add whatever you think would taste good. It really is a “concoction”.

It is the epitomy of “busy mom on a budget”. By no means is it fancy and it doesn’t look pretty.

However, when I taste it it feels like home and love, and all the comfort in the world.



  1. Olive oil for sauteeing

  2. 1 lb Ground beef, chicken, or turkey (I use turkey)

  3. 1.5 cups Minute Rice (I use brown Minute Rice)

  4. 2 cans Tomato Soup (I use plain old Campbell’s)


  1. Heat olive oil over medium heat

  2. Sautee ground meat of choice until it is nearly cooked

  3. Add in tomato soup and rice; stir.

  4. Let mixture boil for a few minutes

  5. Adjust heat to ‘low’ and let simmer, stirring occassionaly

  6. Add small amounts of water as needed for rice to soften

  7. Add vegetables if desired*

  8. Serve 🙂

*I like to steam broccoli or carrots, run them through the food processor, and add them in. It’s a very baby friendly recipe.*

I hope that this recipe brings you as much comfort as it has brought me over the years. It really is tasty, and even though it is a “hillbilly dish” (my husband’s words), it is such a simple meal to whip up last minute.

If you have any recipes to share with me, I would love to hear them! I am always looking for nutritious and delicious meals. Cheers! 🙂

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