Putting My Child in Day Home was the Best Thing I Did

Hey Everyone! Happy Thursday 🙂

It’s almost the end of the week. Hurray! It hasn’t been a bad week. It’s just that the more pregnant I am, the longer the weeks feel. Read more about my pregnancy here 🙂

Today’s topic is an interesting one (I think), and as I have learned recently, one of great judgment and debate.

I want to talk about why putting my daughter in day home was the best decision I could have made.

I’m also going to say that it was the best decision for ME, and may not be the best decision for you. That’s totally okay.

Anyways, you may have read my post about why I didn’t return to work. If so, thank you!

This may have you wondering why our child is in day home at all.

Why would we pay for day home when I am at home? I’ll tell you why.

  1. Ava is only in day home 2 days per week. Although I am at home, I do work from home. Ava is older now and is much busier than before. Getting work done with her here is impossible. She’s always yelling at me :p

  2. We really wanted Ava to interact with other children. It is impossible for kids to learn how to share if there is nobody to share with. Appropriate socialization is such an important skill to learn.

  3. I am pregnant again, and the two days that my girl is in day home really gives me a chance to rest my body.

  4. Ava was becoming quite attached to me (which I love because I’m her mama). However, I wanted her to develop a healthy attachment. If you’ve studied psychology, then you know this is actually a thing. It has worked wonders! I am able to leave her for a few hours to run errands and she is totally fine.

  5. I was thinking ahead to when baby #2 arrives. Ava will have two days per week where she can play with her friends and I can tend to the newborn without any guilt, or feeling like I am neglecting my eldest. It’s a win-win.

I truly feel that our choice has made me a better mother all around because:

  1. I’m able to complete tasks like laundry, cleaning, and meal planning.

  2. I can still generate an income.

  3. I have time to care for myself which keeps me sane.

  4. I can rest here and there to make sure baby#2 grows healthy.

The one major hurdle with beginning day home was that Ava was not having it the first few times. She cried when I left which was super hard for me. This is so common though. After about 5 visits, she was completely fine.

In fact, now I drop her off and she’s like “mom who”? She gets so excited to play with her new friends.

I want to swing back to the judgment I was talking about though. I heard through the grapevine that putting your child in daycare or day home makes you a bad parent.

I’m not even going to elaborate on this statement.

The only thing I am going to say is that no one choice is the right choice. It’s simply a choice.

I do not feel like a bad parent at all. Truthfully, I feel like a better version of the parent I was a couple months ago.

Don’t ever let anyone’s negativity affect the decisions that YOU are making for YOUR family.

You are doing awesome 🙂

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