Owning Your Awesome (and Why it's a Must)

Do you smell that? It's the scent of the air getting crisp, the leaves changing to my favourite colour, and an explosion of pumpkins all over my house. FALL is coming!!!!!! It's my favourite season if you haven't guessed, all three weeks of it (in Edmonton at least).

I've been absent on here for the last half of August. I was enjoying the outdoors with my toddler who is almost a teenager, and my baby who is almost a toddler. We made so many simple, beautiful memories close to home and soaked up every ounce of sun that we could. We splashed in the spray park and had ice cream dates. It was magical. We needed to own the summer because although I love fall, I know what comes after. This year will be especially challenging with the pandemic and isolation but I know we will make it through, more grateful than ever!

Today's post is not about seasons changing, or the pandemic. Today, I want to discuss "owning your awesome"!

"What in the hell are you talking about", you might be wondering.

Let me explain. We all have a bit of awesome. Even if you don't think you have any, I promise you that you do. Your awesome might be that you are a talented singer, or maybe you are an amazing cook. Maybe you are a phenomenal parent, or you are a super gifted cleaner who can share tips on how to make lives easier! It could be that you are just a really good person. It doesn't matter what it is, but we all have something. My little piece of awesome is that I am a gifted writer. I am proud to say that I love words and thoughts, and I love sharing them with people. Communication is my jam.

If you don't yet know what your awesome is, that's okay! You will figure it out eventually. I didn't know how to adequately share my writing abilities until I was nearly 30. In fact, I didn't know that my writing was anything other than standard until my mid-20s. It took many years of being told by several people that I had a gift. Self-acknowledgement doesn't always happen overnight.

And this is where today's topic of Owning your Awesome comes in. It took me almost three decades to fully embrace my God-given gift. I lacked the confidence to embrace it any sooner and this is almost solely due to fear. I was afraid of:

  1. Being good, but not good ENOUGH

  2. People not being interested in what I had to say

  3. Appearing to be too 'full of myself'

  4. Not being able to make money from my gift

Throughout many talks with many people, I find that these are common fears that humans share. And you know what? It makes me so sad! There are so many gifted people who have something special to share but are afraid to for reasons similar to the ones I had. Let's address them.

Being Good but not Good Enough

This begs the question 'for whom'? Who are you not good enough for? I swear, if you say 'good enough for others' I will jump through the screen and smack you (with love). The gifts you are born with are yours. They. Are. YOURS. You ultimately only have to be good enough for you. If you don't feel good enough, it most likely means that you are comparing yourself to how good you think other people are (ie. you are a singer who is afraid to sing because you think other singers are better than you). In actuality, how others react does not matter. That being said, if you do not feel that your gifts are good enough for you, then re-evaluate why you feel this way. What do you want your gifts to do for you? If you are a gifted writer, do you want to be a great writer to make a career out of it, or do you want to write as a creative outlet for yourself? Do you want to gain a following by helping others with your cleaning tips and you don't feel like you've completely mastered them yet, or do you like to keep your house clean and tidy out of inner-pride for your living environment? You have to acknowledge why you feel 'not good enough'. There will always be people who feel like you are good enough or not good enough. They're only opinions, and the only ones that matter are yours.

People Might not be Interested in My Gift

So? Does it actually matter who is interested in what? Are you interested in your gift? If it feeds your soul and it is something that you are passionate about in YOUR life, then people being interested in your gift is obsolete. It doesn't matter.

I Don't Want to Appear to be 'Full of Myself'

I totally get it. If you're someone who doesn't necessarily love attention, sharing your awesome with others might make you feel like you are being conceited. I promise you that you're not. If your intentions are pure and you are not sharing your awesome to make others feel less awesome, then go ahead and toot your horn! There is nothing wrong with being proud of something that you are able to do or with wanting to spread an important message to whoever wants to listen. Historically, society has frowned upon the 'tooting of horns', and deemed it as impolite, especially if the horn-tooting was by women. Today, in 2020, I say screw it (well, if I'm being honest, my motto for 2020 has been 'screw it')! Be proud of yourself for all of your achievements, big and small. Be loud and own your awesome!

I Can't Make Money from My Gift so it Must Not be Important

This is probably the one that frustrates me the most. I think it's because money has never mattered to me, though I know it matters to many people. Don't get me wrong, I am very realistic and I understand that we need money to live. I also understand that if your awesome can provide an income, that's an added plus. But, if you have something that you are passionate about and would like to share it with others, then do it regardless of money! Find time in between your work shifts and make it your hobby if need be. Don't be afraid to pursue your awesome because you think it won't pay your bills. Just because it might not generate money does not mean that it isn't important. Life's abundance is made of more than money. It's all about fulfilment, happiness, purpose, and love (while having the means to pay your bills of course). Plus, you'll never know what sharing your passion with the world can bring you until you try.

Truly though, you are amazing. Each of us is entirely unique, like a fingerprint, and each of us has something different to offer to the world. Don't dim your bright light to please others, or because you have fears of the unknown. We never know exactly what is ahead of us. Sometimes you just need to take the leap, go all in, and embrace your awesomeness to find out.

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