My Postpartum Skincare Routine

I am proud to say that I have always taken care of my skin. While my peers were returning home from university parties and passing out wherever they could, I was returning home with the intent of scrubbing the day off my face, as well as the thicker-than-normal-going-out makeup I had carefully applied hours before (except by the time I got home, I usually looked like a racoon). It didn’t matter how many drinks I had consumed, or how much the room was spinning. I washed every stitch of makeup off. Granted, at that time I had a youthful complexion, and probably still would have regardless of if I cleaned my face.

My friends, times have changed. The days of saying “it’s okay, we’re young” are coming to an end. Maybe not today, and maybe not even next year, but they are drawing to a close. Within the past two weeks, I have had two separate discussions with two separate friends about newly-discovered grey hairs, undereye wrinkles, tendinitis, and sore joints. It’s totally okay though; ageing is part of life!

Pregnancy changed my skin drastically, and not for the better. I won’t go into detail about ALL the physical changes that took place for me (that’s for another post), but I want to take a minute to talk about my face. Prior to becoming pregnant, my skin was on the combination to oily side. I needed to use a cleanser for oily skin, as well as a specific type of moisturizer. When I applied makeup, I always needed to use a mattifying powder following my foundation. However, after having my baby, my skin quickly turned into a Nevada desert. Seriously. I am honestly surprised that I don’t wake up with tumbleweeds blowing across my forehead. Despite no tumbleweeds, I do wake up with flaking, red skin and burning lips. We have all had chapped lips. These lips are SUPER chapped to the point that they hurt. I have yet to visit a dermatologist (I will be in the next month or so) regarding my postpartum skin, but I directly blame hormones and lack of water for my current facial concerns. The water part is my fault. When you are breastfeeding you need to drink litres of water. I try my best, but somedays I just don’t drink enough, and instead, I overfill with coffee (dehydrating!!!).

Mommies, I want to help you. I am aware that skincare products are a personal thing. We all have products that we have always used, and cannot live without. I know I did. But then, I had a baby, and the products I have always used suddenly don’t work with my skin. Sadly, I have had to retire some of them (rest in peace Clinique moisturizer). There is light at the end of the tunnel though. I found a new line of skincare, better suited to the new me. The line is Neutrogena Hydro Boost, and it has changed the way I feel about my skincare routine. Read on to see my three favourite products 🙂 !

Cleanse– this seems like a no-brainer, but so many people do not wash their faces before bed. This makes me cringe! Even if you don’t wear makeup, the air is filled with many pollutants that can collect in your pores. Then your face rests on your pillow when you sleep. Unless you change your pillowcase every day (do not lie; I know you don’t) you are laying in “dirt” every night. Please, please, please take care of your face! We only get one. This is why I cleanse every night before bed. My new favourite cleanser is Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Cleanser. I love that it removes all of my makeup, it lathers nicely, it does not dry out my skin, and my skin feels so clean afterwards!

Eye Care– after I cleanse my skin, I let it air dry, followed by a little dab (and I do mean little) of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Cream, under my eyes. I am not going to lie, I have never really used eye cream in the past, but pregnancy, motherhood, and a caffeine addiction have alarmingly darkened the fragile skin under my eyes. This cream is super lightweight, and it really does moisturize. I use it in the morning and before bed. It makes me feel more “bright” if that makes any sense. Basically, I feel more awake when I use this eye cream now even if I am half asleep. Fake it ’til you make it 😉

Moisturize– this is my favourite part. After I give some love to my eyes, I move on to the rest of my face. This Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream has replaced my expensive moisturizer, and I truly believe I will use this for life. Not only has it saved me money, but it hydrates my skin so nicely! I don’t wake up with flaky skin anymore, and my skin looks and feels more youthful. I’m not old, but I’m not getting any younger! Furthermore, a little goes a long way. As a mommy on a budget, this is awesome. Just a little bit of cream covers my whole face 🙂

There you have it, my skincare routine! I am not receiving any type of compensation from Neutrogena. I am just a mama who took a chance by trying their Hydro Boost line, and I am now sold. When I was younger my goal was to have the prettiest face (okay, not the prettiest, but pretty-ish by using layers of makeup). My new goal in my late 20s is to have the healthiest skin possible. By drinking plenty of water, sticking with a mostly healthy diet, and using my skincare products religiously, I think I am achieving my goal.

Do you have any products that you swear by? As a product junkie, I’d love to hear them. Cheers!

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