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I used to shop at Victoria’s Secret for my bras. They were always pretty with lace or with funky prints. During pregnancy, I gained a whole cup size. Rather than spending a large chunk of money at VS, I decided I would buy a couple bras from The Bay. Afterall, there was no use purchasing fancy bras when my body was changing so much. After having my baby I could return to wearing my “good ones” and feel pretty again. Haha, no.

I don’t think I ever considered that I would need to have quick access to feed my baby. I tried with a regular bra and it was laughable. I also hadn’t given much thought to how much my chest would grow, which was actually quite significant thanks to hormones and milk production. Needless to say, I decided it was time to look at purchasing some nursing bras. I had held off because they looked a bit confusing to me, with clips, and straps, and secret passages. In reality, they are simple to use and very convenient!

My favourite line of nursing bras that I have found thus far is a brand called Bravado. I purchased two full-support nursing bras, one in black and one nude. I also purchased one ballet style bra for nighttime.

Ballet-style Nursing Bra

This bra is great for nighttime wear. You may be wondering why I would wear a bra at night. My short answer is “leakage”. I find that I leak less if I wear this underneath a nightshirt. It isn’t constricting so it won’t cut off milk production, and it is easily accessible for those midnight feeds. I only have one, but I wish I had more as they are super cute and comfortable. Think top-knot and ballet bra 😉

Full-support Nursing Bra

This is my “everyday” bra. As mentioned previously, I have a black one, and I have a nude one to wear under light coloured clothing. The clasps are simple to undo with one hand which is completely necessary when you are using your other hand to hold your baby. It has great coverage (I don’t feel like my chest droops) and it looks nice and smooth under t-shirts. I don’t recommend wearing it under a snug-fitting shirt as the cups are a bit softer. Another great feature of this bra is that the material is thick enough to insert nursing pads into, for those early days wear you suddenly have two big round wet spots on your shirt (it happens to the best of us).

Speaking of nursing pads, there are a couple different kinds. You can purchase disposable ones (which is what I use), or reusable ones that you can put in the washing machine. The choice is completely up to you. I preferred disposable ones, as I found that I needed to change my nursing pads a couple times a day during the first two months while my body established my milk supply. I would keep extra nursing pads in my diaper bag in case of emergency (believe me, it happens, and usually at the worst times such as during Christmas dinner). By the third month, I didn’t really leak.

Disposable Nursing Pads

Choosing nursing bras, just like choosing regular bras, is completely based on personal preference. You will be wearing them for quite some time (if you plan on nursing longer) so have fun with it! You can find some pretty ones on the market, with lace, or fun patterns, if you want to feel more feminine and sexy. The ones listed here are simply my favourites.

I would love to hear about your favourite nursing gear! It is always fun to swap ideas. Happy feeding!

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