My Favorite Handheld Breast Pump

Here is a great example of something I never thought I would be reviewing, but this product has seriously made my life so much easier. It has saved me from some painful mornings when baby dearest decided to go from sleeping 4 hours straight to 9 hours straight (what the heck is up with babies and their crazy sleep patterns?!)

I have used it a couple different ways.

1. My kid is a one-side feeder. To save me from being severely lopsided I attach the Haakaa pump to the side she is not using and it literally drains me. Boom! A bottle of milk for my freezer stash without me having to do anything, no loud motors, and I do not need to hold it as it suctions on.

2. I will refer to the above-noted scenario where my baby suddenly slept through the night. I woke up VERY engorged and in pain. I’m talking rock hard boulders. I did not want to fully pump with my electric pump because her nursing patterns were changing; if she didn’t want the milk I didn’t want to produce it. BUT I needed to get myself out of discomfort. Enter my trusty Haaka. I suctioned it on and drained a little bit from each breast, but only enough so I wasn’t in pain. Then when baby woke up, she was able to fully relieve me and have a nice relaxing feed without choking on pressurized jet streams. Win win!

I highly recommend this product and I thank the friend who introduced me to it. Have you used it? If so, comment below!

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