My Absolute Favourite Nursing-Wear Brand

If while I was pregnant, you were to ask me if I ever thought about what kind of shirts I would wear to feed my baby, the answer would have been “uhhhhh should I be thinking about that”? It never occurred to me that some tops are better than others.  Fashion actually didn’t cross my mind because I was too busy worrying about labour, the nursery, sleep deprivation, daycare, future college tuition, and everything else parent-related.

But now, I am happy to report that I have an answer: I will be wearing anything labelled Au Fait Mama. For those of you who are not familiar with this amazing brand, let me tell you about my experience.

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I purchased my first Au Fait Mama shirt at a small maternity boutique when I was 7 months pregnant. I was looking for a plain, short-sleeved, black shirt, which is exactly what I found. I wore it once and I was hooked. Its baby-soft, bamboo material felt amazingly comfortable. When it is 35 degrees celsius outside and you feel very swollen and large, comfort is all you want.

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In regards to nursing, the neck of the shirt pulls down for easing feeding. Here’s the kicker: it will not stretch out. Can you say amazing?! It actually retains its shape, and I wear mine every week. More than that, because there are no clasps, it is super versatile. I wear mine casual with sweatpants around the house, or I dress it up with denim and a chunky necklace for date night (don’t worry; date nights will return if you have not yet had any). It can be worn when pregnant, nursing, and post-nursing. I love it. I love it so much I purchased two long-sleeved shirts as well, and I plan to purchase one of their long-sleeved batwing shirts soon! And a scarf. And a tank. And maybe another short-sleeved. Oooooh they also have dresses!

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The cost of these shirts, I think, is quite reasonable, especially since they can be worn throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Furthermore, you will immediately see the quality of the fabric when you feel it. I am a fairly frugal mama, but this is a product that I will invest in. After all, feeling confident in your appearance is priceless, and product versatility will ultimately save you money!

In any case, check out their website! They also have an Instagram page. I have already converted a few of my mommy friends to be Au Fait Mama fans. You will not be disappointed!

Please note, I am not receiving any type of compensation for this post. I simply love the brand, and stand behind the products!

Happy shopping!

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