Let’s Give Daddies the Credit They Deserve


It’s finally here! The weekend that is. I love weekends. It means that we get to spend more time with Hubby/Daddy!

It’s coffee and breakfast in bed, with plenty of snuggles, giggles, and love. It’s the best and is what truly makes life meaningful.

Speaking of Hubby, I love him. I love him so much it’s a bit absurd. But do you know who might love him even more than I do (besides his mom)? His baby girl!

No really. She ADORES him. She is SMITTEN with him. It’s adorable.

It got me thinking, why don’t we thank dads more? Moms get all the glory (as they often should), but I do not think dads should be forgotten!

Why We Should Thank the Deserving Dads

For every crappy dad out there, there are 100 amazing ones. I lucked out and married one 🙂

In my opinion, I find that dads are less encouraged to “step up” and get involved. Historically speaking, they are more encouraged to “provide, provide, provide”, while moms “nurture, nurture, nurture”. It is getting better though, no doubt about it. There are tons of “Daddy and Me” programs, many moms are working moms, etc. Balance is slowly being restored.

We still have a long way to go. It’s really hard to alter predispositions that have been formulated over centuries. We are doing it though!

So let’s do this. Let’s thank the dads!

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  1. Work long hours at the office, but always have time to come home and play

  2. Aren’t afraid to get their shirts dirty when Baby has a runny nose

  3. Don’t hesitate to crawl around on the floor making ridiculous sounds, just to get a laugh

  4. Take at least one shift in the middle of the night (without being asked) when Baby is having trouble sleeping

  5. Always put their children first, even before work

  6. Aren’t afraid to get puked on

  7. Don’t care if they have a boy or a girl because the love is the same

  8. Always find time for their wives amidst the chaos of work and fatherhood

  9. Help to prepare dinner when Mommy has her hands full

Most of all, thank you to the dads who stayed. You have forever changed the course of your child’s life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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