I used to have a purse, but now . . .

Once upon a time, I had a purse. It was a lovely black Michael Kors purse that held some of my most prized used possessions. I had my wallet, my phone and keys, about 10 different lip products, toothpicks (you never know), hand sanitizer, napkins, a water bottle, a notebook, and probably a lot more. You name it, I had it.

Enter daughter dearest. Prior to having her, many things crossed my mind. Will I be a good mom? Will she look like me or like her dad? Will she be cute? Can I do this? How will I sleep? How will I travel? What have I done? Oh my God, help. Absolutely I can do this. We are going to rock this parenting thing! However, not once did it cross my mind that as a mother, you no longer have the luxury of realistically using a pretty bag to tote your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen in. No, ma’am. You have now been sentenced to about 4 years (more if you have more children) to using a diaper bag as your main accessory. Lipgloss has been replaced by chapstick. Napkins have been replaced by diaper wipes (which I use to wipe my hands all the time). You don’t want to take up space with a notebook so my phone is now my day planner (which I hate because I prefer to write things down). Forget toothpicks; those are a choking hazard.

Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. Lucky for me, I found an awesome diaper bag that is affordable, fashionable (I think), and super practical. My Hap Tim diaper bag holds pretty much everything I need. It is also a backpack which is awesome because it leaves both of my hands free and it doesn’t feel awkward. I can clip it on to my stroller as well, making it easy to access whatever I need. Another plus is that according to my husband, he doesn’t feel like a “sissy” when he wears it. I guess that’s a good thing for all the daddies out there! Trust me. If there is anything you want to invest in, it is a good sized diaper bag (we tried a different one at first and it was too small). Looking at the photos below, you can see how much stuff I am able to fit, and there is plenty of room for more! If you are bottle feeding, there are several compartments for bottles too

Not using a purse anymore is something I have embraced. It is actually kind of nice, because when I do go out without my kid, I grab my wallet and keys and away I go. It feels liberating . . . almost. I miss my toothpicks.

Do you have any baby products that you cannot leave home without? I am all ears, and I love new ideas! Comment below, or shoot me an email. Cheers!

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