I’m a New Mom All Over Again!

Whew! Well that was a crazy 4 months . . .

Let me tell you, it has been exciting. And exhausting. And awesome. And frustrating. And emotional. And the best experience of my life thus far.

If you read my last post (Happy Father’s Day to My Best Friend), then you know that on March 29th at 4:45 pm, I pushed out an 8lb bundle of absolute perfection. With a full head of jet-black hair, and the biggest eyes you’ve ever seen, James (pictured above) entered our lives and we will never be the same.

Labour was about as wonderful as you can imagine. I didn’t have an epidural. Nope. I endured that pain like the superwoman I am. At one point I was singing Billy Joel in between contractions. Billy took the edge off, but only slightly. By “slightly” I mean that instead of dropping f-bombs, I was singing “Uptown Girl”. Hey, whatever works.

My husband, also known in the delivery room as my “coach” was a rockstar yet again. He helped me through each contraction using natural methods that I learned from my Fit Your Life classes. I kid you not, it helped.

But, like most mothers will tell you, once the baby is on your chest you forget about the torture you just went through. I was no exception. I was, and am still so enthralled with my son, that I actually tear up about 80% of the time when I look into his big eyes. Pathetic? Absolutely not. It’s called unconditional love.

Bringing James home was surreal and terrifying. This is exactly how we felt when we brought Ava home, but this time was a bit different. Basically, we didn’t have time to be terrified. We needed to be in “go mode”.

See, on March 29th at 4:45 pm, we officially became the parents of two under two. Do you have any idea what that means? I’ll tell you. It’s pure insanity.

Despite extreme exhaustion (which I ignorantly forgot about), we didn’t have time to feel anything except for confident, even if we were faking it. We had to figure out how to take care of a newborn baby all while keeping up with my eldest’s routine. My husband- God bless him- and I needed to be a team more than ever before. Well, let me tell you: we are kicking ass.

Ladies, don’t get me wrong. We are by no means perfect. But we are communicating lots and each of us is stepping up to the plate. Our love and respect for one another and for our children is the reason why I am sitting here 2 months postpartum, red wine next to me, freshly shaven and lotioned legs, reuniting with my blog.

Our babies are both fast asleep (the newest one already sleeping 8 hours straight at night). This means that we have time for each other and for things that make us feel more fulfilled. For my husband, this means being able to play guitar or meet up with the guys for hockey. For me, this is having a bath, writing, working out, snacking, reading, or whatever else makes me who I am.

Now, I would be lying if I said that every day looks like this because that certainly is not the case. Just a few days ago I had a minor breakdown (the crazy trials and tribulations of having two young kids will definitely be discussed in a later post). But for the most part, I have it sort of figured out. For now. Lord knows every day is a big surprise, and not always a pleasant one.

If I’m being honest, having a second baby feels like becoming a new mom all over again.

True, I am a pro at changing diapers, giving my little man a bath doesn’t intimidate me, and I get the whole breastfeeding thing. But, baby #2 is nothing like baby #1 and it’s a lot like starting from scratch.

It’s such a cool adventure though, having two kids. Watching my daughter interact with the baby is awesome. She doesn’t hate him. In fact, she laughs when he smiles and is fascinated by his belly button. It’s been neat to watch how nurturing she is when she gives him his soother or covers him with a blanket (though she doesn’t yet understand that you can’t cover baby’s face). Watching your kids grow together is the best.

I’m one proud mama!

They are my greatest creations and are truly little miracles. Some people said we were crazy for having them so close together, myself included. I disagree now. I think this is exactly how it was meant to happen.

Next up, baby #3!

Just kidding.

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