How We Survived Baby’s First Cold

This past weekend was a whirlwind with Easter. We were fortunate enough to spend lots of time with each of our families laughing, eating, and of course, sharing our daughter with everyone. It was her first Easter. She won’t remember it, but luckily I took her to the mall to sit on the creepy Easter Bunny’s lap for a photo. She wasn’t scared at all. She just looked at the bunny sceptically, took the photo without any expression, and then projectile puked sweet potatoes all over herself. I guess she didn’t like the bunny.

But let me tell you. If there is anything that will put a damper on the weekend and its events, it’s being sick. Having a cold is awful. Your baby having a cold is worse.

I thought that Ava had a cold a few weeks ago but I was wrong. I am wondering if the last ‘cold’ was actually just a reaction to possible teething because this time the illness reared its ugly head in the form of coughing, sneezing, a stuffy nose, a runny nose, and teary eyes. Basically, it was a nasty head cold, baby-style.

The difference between me having a cold and a baby having a cold is one thing: drugs. Of course, I mean cold medicine. When I am sick I pop cold medicine like candy (actually, I take it according to directions on the package) and get through my workday like the strong woman I am. Unfortunately, babies cannot take any form of medicine, except infant Tylenol (or whatever the pharmacist recommends; always check). What’s worse, babies do not understand what is happening to them. Ava just stared at me with big eyes as if to say “Mommy why do I feel this way? Help me please!”. It was heartbreaking.  Alas, she is a woman and she powered through. In between sneezes and snorts she was laughing like the goofy little lady she is.

Although we were unable to give our baby girl anything to take away her cold symptoms, we did use a few remedies that seemed to help her.

  1. Saline Rinse- it took two of us to administer it but basically, we poured a little saline solution into one nostril, and let the mucous drain out the other side. She hated it, but it was effective. It helped her to breathe before eating, and before bed.

  2. Humidifier- we have a cool mist humidifier in her room. I did notice that it helped to moisten the air and provide a more comfortable sleep. Keep in mind that the cool mist will make the bedroom a bit colder. Ava slept in her sleep sack, and then we wrapped a thin swaddle blanket around her which was perfect. Another thing to note is that humidifiers can grow bacteria quickly. Always empty it out in the morning, dry it, and refill it with fresh water before using.

  3. Children’s Tylenol- always check with your pharmacist, but we were given the go-ahead to administer infant Tylenol. Ava didn’t have a fever, but since she is teething as well we thought it might make her a bit more comfortable. It seemed to work.

  4. Warm Bath- this really calmed her down and relaxed her body. I poured warm water over her head and really washed her little nose.

  5. Shower Steam- I steamed up the bathroom by turning the shower on hot and then brought Baby into the bathroom. The steam helped to loosen the mucus.

  6. Cuddles- don’t ever underestimate the power of a hug. Ava isn’t a super cuddly baby, but she definitely snuggled more than usual. Human touch is medicine in itself, and I think it made her feel warm and safe.

I didn’t know, but since researching, you cannot use regular Vicks on babies due to the medicinal ingredients in it. I spoke with a friend and there is Baby Vicks that you can buy. I didn’t end up needing it but I will definitely purchase some to have in the house for next time (I hope the next baby cold isn’t until she is 12. Yah right).

Ava is much better now and we are back to playtime, giggles, and nose breathing. I am also not checking on her every 10 seconds. It can be nervewracking to have a sick baby but just remember that babies are humans too. When we are sick, we can still breathe even if our noses are stuffed up. As always, if you are concerned contact your health provider. It never hurts.

Do you have any cold remedies that are useful for babies? I would absolutely love to hear them! I am always game for anything that will help a little one in discomfort.


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