Hot Coffee And 9 Other Things I Took For Granted

Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. It sounds cliche but there’s a reason somebody came up with that saying. It’s because it is true! I don’t know if it’s because I have had a rough go the past couple nights with lack of sleep and a fussy baby, but I am feeling sentimental, and I kind of just want to have a pity party for a minute. Indulge me by reading my list of 10 things I took for granted, only to have them disappear.

  1. Hot Coffee- I have referenced this before, but any mom knows that there is no point making a coffee before the baby is down for a nap. You will just have to reheat it six times. I miss sitting down in the morning with a steaming hot cup of delicious, smooth, rich coffee, and a good book. Speaking of which . . .

  2. Reading- I used to read whenever I wanted. I was a complete book nerd, always checking out the hottest new books, and frequenting Indigo for sales. Now the only time I can sneak in a few sentences here and there is after my kid is in bed. By this point, I am usually too tired to concentrate and my reading comprehension plummets. I guess I still get to read kids books. See some of our favourites here.

  3. Automatic doors- I know this seems odd but until you are struggling to open a door while pushing a stroller and there is nobody around to help you, you do not realize how awesome and necessary automatic doors are. I went to the mall last week and the entrance I used did not have an automatic door (naturally I would pick this entrance). I made it through but I must have looked ridiculous. Thank you to whoever invented the automatic door.

  4. Date nights- we used to go out every weekend. We didn’t make plans ahead of time. We just came home from work and decided what we wanted to do on a whim. Now we have to plan a two-hour restaurant outing in advance to make sure we have a babysitter. We are limited to one drink per person, and we try our best to converse over yawns. We still enjoy each other’s company, but the date nights are far and few in between.

  5. Quiet evenings and weekends- there was a time when I always needed to be busy. If an evening or a weekend rolled around and I didn’t have plans I quickly started sending text messages to make some. Now, I would do anything to not have plans, and to be able to just laze around in my jammies, which leads me to . . .

  6. Sleeping- I’ll be blunt. I just miss sleeping. I miss sleeping through the night. I miss sleeping whenever I want. I miss sleeping even 4 hours straight. Some nights are better than others but I think I am now just permanently tired. Read more about our baby sleeping tricks here.

  7. My youth- I miss being carefree. I miss having sleepovers with my girlfriends when we would stay up all night talking about boys, and going through the McDonalds drive-thru and ordering way too much junk food with no concern about its effects on our body. I miss not worrying about developing fine lines around my eyes and mouth, or grey hairs on my head. I took my youth for granted but now the clock seems to tick faster every day.

  8. Two hands- okay, so I didn’t lose a limb. But in a way I did, because I usually always have my baby on my hip and have you ever tried to cook with one hand? Have you ever used one hand to wash your face? It’s really hard. I am able to put her down sometimes, but she isn’t yet able to sit on her own. Once she is able to, it will be easier but for now, I just want to complain.

  9. Running errands- I used to HATE running errands. I grouched about how much driving I had to do, and how many times I needed to get in and out of my car. Then I would get home with all my bags, and huff and puff my way into the house. Now, running errands is actually a luxury. For one, I can usually only run one errand per day. If there is anything harder than getting in and out of a vehicle, it is getting in and out of a vehicle with a baby in a car seat. It’s something I don’t want to do. When my husband gets home from work and I can sneak out by myself, I relish in the freedom and I complete my tasks with pride (and efficiency).

  10. Space- have you ever had a person physically attached to you for more than half a day? Enough said.

Okay, my rant is over. Tomorrow will be a new day. Even though I miss some aspects of my pre-baby life, I don’t ever want to go back. I chose to be a mom knowing that it would be the hardest thing I ever did. Overall, it is totally awesome. It’s  just not perfect, but that’s life! Thanks for listening (or reading, I guess)!

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