Happy Father’s Day to my Best Friend

Hey guys!

It’s been a hot minute since I last posted, but I have an amazing excuse with huge brown eyes and the sweetest giggle.

My son James made his worldly debut on March 29th at 4:45 pm. My heart immediately doubled in size when he was placed on my chest. My eyes also doubled in size when I saw how much hair he actually had . . . like a mini wig. He’s amazing.

So the past few months have been spent readjusting to having a newborn and creating a routine for our new reality. I’ve never been more tired or more proud of my family in my entire life. I am literally beaming (most days; on other days I am a zombie).

I promise to post more about my experience with two children soon, but today’s post is not about me.

I wanted to give a huge HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads and male caregivers out there. Whether you are a biological father, adoptive father, grandpa, uncle, or any male who has positively impacted a child’s life, today is about you!

I have zero experience with being a dad. Duh. But from what I have witnessed it seems pretty awesome.

I’m sorry ladies. You might think that your husband or partner is the best daddy to your kids but you are sorely mistaken.

My two babes have THE BEST DAD EVER. The title has been taken.

But seriously, our little ducklings are extremely blessed to have a dad who is loving, caring, reliable, silly, comforting, and the list goes on. He gives them the best daddy hugs and smooches, and the kids absolutely adore him. He also brings out “the crazy” in my toddler. He only has to look at her to get her all fired up. It’s hilarious. I’m pretty sure that firing up the kids is part of a dad’s job description. Bringing the crazies back down to earth is a mom’s job.

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I too am blessed. I get to tackle life with an amazing partner, someone who shows up every day for me and the kids. I don’t have to worry about having unconditional support, ever.

He’s the hardest worker and an amazing provider. I also just watched him meticulously hang two pieces that I picked up at Home Sense. Now, I cannot stress enough how phenomenal he is at hanging pictures. I really don’t know how I hung things up before him. Well, actually I do remember. I’d pour a glass of wine and eyeball it. If it was slightly crooked I just kind of forced the picture to be straight.

But no. Not hubby. He gets out the measuring tape, level, and pencil and perfects the hell out of it. No crookedness.

And he looks great in Levi’s while he’s doing it. . . Is it possible to have a crush on your husband? I think it must be because I feel the same way that I did when I first saw Leo DiCaprio circa 1997.

The kids and I don’t get to say how much we appreciate him enough (because they literally can’t). But I’m saying it now. We LOVE him to the moon and back, and back again.

And a special shoutout to my in-laws for raising him to be one hell of a man. Thanks for letting me have him :). Now that I have a son of my own, I can appreciate the mixed feelings that come with watching your son go off, get married, and start a family. It’s awesome, but probably a little bittersweet.

So, on that note, happy Father’s Day fellas! You’re totally crushing it 😉

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