Caring for Baby: 8 of my Favourite Products

Babies are a lot of work. They poop and pee constantly. They seem to eat all day. They get dirty. They get rashes. They’re so delicate! The good news is that baby care can be fun! I have found some awesome products that I love to use for my little one, and all are relatively inexpensive. That’s a plus for budgeting parents!


1. SKIP HOP MOBY BATHTUB How cute is this? Things have come a long way. I have a picture of me in 1990 being bathed in the kitchen sink. I am sure many of you have that same photo. While I am not opposed to kitchen sink baths, I prefer to wash my vegetables in the kitchen, not my baby’s bum 😛 . I love this bath because it fits nicely in the regular bathtub. It also has a removable mesh insert making it usable from infancy to when they are able to sit on their own. My baby loves bath time, and she is so cosy laying in her little mesh hammock while I pour warm water over her. What a queen she is 🙂


2. BAMBOOBINO HOODED TOWEL – I love this towel! Before receiving it as a gift, I was of the mindset that a towel is a towel. While this might be true, this one is so soft. I cannot emphasize how soft it is. My daughter has sensitive skin so I feel good knowing that she doesn’t have harsh fabric rubbing her skin after her bath. It also washes really nice. We use it lots and it has maintained its original quality.


3. JOHNSON’S BABY HEAD-TO-TOE BABY WASH – This is classic. I love that it is paraben-free, is gentle on my baby’s skin, and it has that amazing “clean baby” smell. I am sure my mom used this to wash me back in the day. It’s also very inexpensive. Yay for saving money!


4. AVEENO BABY DAILY LOTION – I am a big fan of the Aveeno Baby line. Again, it is inexpensive and it works well. I like this lotion because it is fragrance-free and contains oatmeal which is soothing to my daughter’s skin. I use it on myself too!


5. SUDOCREM – We have tried a couple different types of diaper cream, but this one is the best. It is super soft on baby’s skin. Applying this cream is easy as it is not super thick. It can also be used on other skin irritations like eczema. I’ve put it on my hands to sooth them from the harsh, dry winter air.


6. BABY BUDDY TOOTH TISSUES – It is never too early to begin your child’s oral hygiene routine. The online reviews are mixed, but I love these! My daughter does not have any teeth yet but I massage her gums with the wipes to get her familiar with the sensation, plus she likes the bubblegum flavour! They are a certified natural product, and they do not contain fluoride.


7. HIP PEAS HAIR BRUSH – Okay. You can easily go to any store and pick up a baby brush or comb, but none are as cute as this little wooden baby brush. The soft bristles are so nice on my baby’s fine hair and it really combs everything into place.


8. PLAYTEX DIAPER GENIE – Before our daughter was born, my husband and I decided that we were going to use disposable diapers. With our lifestyle, it wasn’t even a question. One of the best gifts we were given was our Diaper Genie. It is so convenient to take off the dirty diaper and immediately have somewhere to put it. It masks any smell and it is nice to have one big bag of diapers to bring to the garbage outside, rather than bringing each smelly diaper out individually. It’s a time-saver. They also come in different colours. Mine is grey and it looks nice in the nursery. Who knew a diaper disposal could be fashionable?

You may find other products that work for you, and that’s okay! These are simply the things I have come to love when caring for my little one. If you have any suggestions for baby products that you know and recommend, I would love to hear them! My baby is getting older and what works for her now may not work when she is a toddler. Cheers!

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