Babies Pooping in Pools: 10 Tips for Swimming with your Little One

Imagine this scenario. You are at your local swimming pool, enjoying some post-workout buoyancy. The water feels amazing on your sore muscles. The sound of children splashing and giggling fills you with fond memories of your childhood when you jumped and splashed in the water. Eager parents are in the shallow end teaching their infants to trust the water and gain confidence. Life is good. But then it happens. You open your eyes to examine your environment, and floating in the distance, just close enough so you can make out what it is, you see a little brown log bobbing away. You look back at the parents with their baby and you see the look of horror on their faces. And then you evacuate the pool.

I have to say, I have never actually experienced a baby dropping a deuce while I was in the pool. What I do know is that I never wanted to be that poor mother with her baby, knowing that it was my child who evacuated her bowels in the pool, causing the lifeguards to evacuate everyone so they could clean. No way.

Flashback to three weeks ago when my husband and I decided it was time to take our three-month-old daughter to our local pool. She loves bath time, so we assumed she would love the pool as well. We were correct. She loved floating around in the little baby raft that the pool provided. And in case you were wondering, she did not poop in the pool. Well, she actually did, but we did not know until we undressed her (thank you $10 reusable swim diaper from Wal Mart). Here are a few tips for taking your little one swimming. You will be thankful that you read these.

1. Getting a wet baby out of a wet swimsuit is much like squeezing sausage out of its casing. Once they are naked and ready to be dried off, they are extremely slippery like seals. Beware. Lay them on a towel, rather than holding them.

2. Bring several towels. We brought three big towels, and one baby towel, but I wish I had brought at least one more. The family room gets humid (our room had a shower in it).

3. Pack a post-swimming outfit for your baby that is easy to put on. It’ll make the process easier. In fact, pack an easy outfit for yourself as well. I packed a loose-fitting onesie for baby, and track pants for me.

4. You can purchase disposable or reusable swim diapers. It is really based on preference. If you forget the swim diaper, most pool front desks will have them. The pool we went to asked us if we needed one, but I had purchased a reusable swim diaper beforehand

5. You can bring your baby carrier onto the pool deck. You’ll see that yours isn’t the only carrier there.

6. Baby cream is good to bring for after your swim, especially if you live in a dry climate like I do. My daughter’s skin was quite dry afterwards, so I used this cream to protect her skin from the winter air

7. Many pools are converting to using salt water rather than chlorine. Chlorine is hard enough on an adult, let alone an infant. Call your local swimming pools to see what kind of chemicals they use.

8. Be prepared for a sleepy baby afterwards. I think my baby had a 4 hour “nap” following her big adventure.

9. Also, be prepared for a hungry baby. Do you remember feeling ravenous after a big day of swimming as a kid? I do. I always had my loonie ready for the vending machine. Things are a bit healthier now I think. No more apres-swim Cheetos.

10. Enjoy the water with your baby! The more confident you are, the more confident they will be. Hold them close to you in the water while they are little, because one day they will be jumping off the high dive while you hide your eyes.

I hope you find these tips helpful! I wasn’t as well-prepared during our first swimming adventure. If you have any additional advice, please comment below. Cheers!

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