A Letter to my Husband

For the first time on this blog, I am not writing a post about babies, baby products, breastfeeding, breastfeeding products, etc. I am not going to rehash my experience as a mother thus far, and I am not going to talk about any of my concerns. I am going to take a moment to write a letter to my husband. All too often, dads are forgotten. Babies are born and husbands go by the wayside. Of course, it is not on purpose. It just happens. Babies demand everything you have. Oops, I mentioned babies.

Dear Husband,

I know you may not think that I need to say anything to you but you are very wrong. You deserve every ounce of appreciation I have. Although I am the type of woman to let you know to your face, there is something so beautiful and fluid about a written word.

I’ll start by saying that marrying you was the best decision I ever made. The morning of our wedding felt surreal to me. I woke up, watched the Bruno Mars video that you sent to me, and walked around smiling. Time felt like it was slowing down, and all I wanted was for it to go quickly so I could get to the church and make it official. Once I did make it to the church, I tried to catch my breath while standing in the foyer. I was breathing like a hyperventilating bulldog, but it was 100% anticipation. When the doors opened for me to make my way down the aisle, all I saw was you, and my heart was so full. It was the best day of my life. That was until the birth of our baby.

I have rehashed our daughter’s birth many times over the past few months. I remember going into labour. I remember getting to the hospital and feeling terrified even though I looked calm. I remember how much the birth hurt and I remember our baby being placed on my chest. I remember it well because those types of moments don’t fade from a person’s memory.

But Hun, I have some memories of you, things that you did for me. They are moments that might seem insignificant to you but they are everything to me. I remember telling you that you were going to be a daddy. It was late at night and you were so excited. I think about the scare we had, and how we were both a wreck, but we stayed strong for each other. After finding out everything was fine you were so protective of me. I remember telling you the gender of our baby, how you shed tears of pure joy that we were having a little girl. You don’t know what that meant to me. I think about how I came home from work to find you shirtless in our nursery, building a crib. Or how on nights when I just could not muster the energy, you cooked dinner and helped me bathe. Thank you.

I remember the day of our daughter’s birth, how I woke up to find that my water had broke. I gently woke you up to tell you it was time, and you didn’t skip a beat. You had our overnight bag ready before I could put my socks on. You drove carefully to the hospital and I stared at you the whole time. Once we were there, you helped me through my contractions with nothing but love and care. You didn’t leave me until you knew I was resting comfortably. I remember you coming in from getting a coffee to find me pushing, and how you jumped right into action. You made me feel like I was never alone. We truly were a team.

The first time you held our daughter is engrained in my mind. There is nothing sweeter than a daddy holding his baby, but you took it to a new level. The love that emanated out of you towards her is something I will never forget. The early days following her birth are a blur, but I do remember thinking “wow, I am lucky to have such an amazing husband”. You helped me with absolutely everything. You still do. You allow me to have time to myself so that I can take care of me. You help me cook on days that have been rather trying. You provide for us. You give us more love and devotion than a person could ever ask for. When you walk in the room, our baby’s smile lights up. To me, that is pure perfection. You really are the world’s greatest dad.

These past 7.5 years with you have been the best years of my life. Despite struggles here and there, I have never laughed more than when I am with you. I have never felt safer, and I have certainly never been as proud as I am. The best thing I have ever done is when I became a mother. The second best thing I have ever done is when I became your wife. As you always say, “I wouldn’t want to do this whole life thing with anyone else”. I love you.


Your Wife

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