Every now and then, if you are lucky, someone comes along in your life who just changes your outlook on everything. In my case, it was Jenny, whom I was introduced to (albeit virtually) by a mutual friend. Jenny came into my life during a time when I needed some divine intervention. I was feeling particularly lost after my brother's passing and was seeking guidance from anyone who could offer positive encouragement and kindness; enter Jenny.

Jenny is a very gifted intuitive empath and uses Tarot and Reiki as tools to guide others. Not only does Jenny offer Reiki sessions and Tarot readings, but she also offers workshops and courses on how to develop these skills yourself. Her intentions are pure and are only used to help those who are seeking help and guidance, such as me. Although I have yet to meet her in person, her gifts are undoubtedly unique, real, and enlightening. I had the opportunity to book a Tarot session with her via video chat and I left the session feeling so empowered and ready to take on the world. She truly helped to fill a void in me and gave me the courage to move forward after such a tragic loss. Without a doubt, she is part of the reason why Femmepowered is developing.


If you ever have the chance or are interested in getting in touch with Jenny, please find her information below. I have a gift of knowing good people, and she is as good as they come. Her compassion and genuine nature shine through her work. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Jenny was kind enough to answer a few questions for me, giving all of you lovely people a chance to discover a small glimpse of who she is.

Britnee: Where and when were you born? Where were you raised?


Jenny: I was born in 1985 right here in Edmonton, Alberta! I was raised here as well.


Britnee: What are some of your favourite childhood memories?

Jenny: Playing in the ravine near my parents' house and making "magic potions" with my friends.


Britnee: How did you get into Tarot?


Jenny: I got my first deck when I was 12 years old. My parents had already introduced me to crystals, runes, and meditation, so this was a natural progression.


Britnee: What is your favourite part of providing Tarot readings for people?


Jenny: I love helping people realize how much more agency they have than they think. We live in a very prescriptive society, and often feel like we have to find what we are "supposed" to do, or who we are "supposed" to be with. Reading tarot, we can narrow down what kind of work they would find fulfilling, and what kind of relationship would fulfill them, as opposed to continuing to follow the prescriptive chosen narrative that society offers us.


Britnee: If you had to pick one event (good or bad) that has shaped you the most, what would it be?


Jenny: I think it would be my parents' overall worldview when it comes to spirituality. I went to Catholic school, but I was encouraged to meditate, find which spiritual practices suited me (if any), and to think for myself. Being raised this way helped me to always seek the path that was in my highest good, and not to take paths out of fear. 


Britnee: What are three things that you love about yourself?


Jenny: I love my youthful spirit, my cooking, and my creativity.


Britnee: What is one thing that you would like to work on?


Jenny: TIDINESS! Creativity comes with a great deal of mess!


Britnee: What is your number one bucket list item?


Jenny: Going back to the UK to learn more about my ancestry and the magical practices they would have embraced.


Britnee: What do you do for self-care?


Jenny: A balance of loving accountability and relaxation. My form of self-care is asking myself if my future self would thank me. It doesn't sound like much fun, but it keeps me honest and I prove to myself that I can trust myself. So this means that I will both eat my vegetables and have relaxing baths. 


Britnee: What message would you like to provide to women everywhere?


Jenny: I would encourage women everywhere to release the need to ask for permission. That "good girl" syndrome keeps many people from embracing and owning their power and autonomy. Clearly, this isn't always possible, but in general, I would say that if there is something that your heart yearns for, do what you can to make it happen. No one will do it for us, and so to love ourselves enough to embrace our autonomy and create our lives is true magic.

Just by reading Jenny's answers, you can see how loving and insightful she is. I feel grateful to have been introduced to her and cannot wait to meet her in person when our world is a little less pandemicky. A woman who offers such compassion, insight, encouragement, and guidance is someone whom I want on speed dial any day.


For these reasons and more, Jenny is this week's Woman of Empowerment! Thank you so much, Jenny, for allowing me to share part of your story. 

Jenny's Contact

Instagram: @the_mermaid_mystic

Facebook: Mermaid Mystic Tarot and Reiki