Today's Woman of Empowerment is one who truly astounds me. The universe put her in my path just when I needed her the most. Heather is an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary gift: she is an energy healer, a self-proclaimed "spiritual tow truck". 

You might be asking yourself, "what the hell is an energy healer"? Don't worry. I was asking myself the same thing, but I quickly realized her gift firsthand while chatting on the phone with her a few weeks ago. We got in touch with each other to discuss collaborating in a healing crystal bracelet giveaway for Femmepowered. The conversation almost immediately took a unique turn when Heather was able to intuitively read my energy. She sensed a heaviness in me, lots of pain, and grief. Obviously this was accurate as I had only lost my brother a couple of months prior. She also felt that I had been carrying pain from him that had accumulated over several lifetimes. I don't have proof of that but it seemed likely and I definitely believed it to be true. My brother and I had that relationship where I was more like a mother to him than a sister. It seemed natural to me that this lifetime wasn't our first rodeo together.

Heather asked my permission to cleanse me of these 'negative energies' so that I could move forward with my life, not having it hold me down from my full potential. I had no idea what to expect, but my intuition told me that nothing bad would come from it, so why not? She asked me to go inward and quiet my mind as she began asking my higher self to let it all go. As she did this (and believe me when I say you need to experience it yourself to fully understand), I began shaking uncontrollably, crying, and I thought I was going to vomit. In fact, I was measuring how quickly I could make it to the bathroom just in case. It was the most surreal experience I have had in my life thus far, and I assure you I have witnessed my fair share of surreal occasions. When she was done and I was able to catch my breath, I felt light as a feather. I remember telling her that if I were to go for a run, I would fly weightlessly through the trees. I have sat through many counseling sessions to deal with past trauma, and this was by far the most healing session of anything that I had been part of. 

Although my impromptu session with Heather seemed miraculous to me, what was even more miraculous was my grandma's distance session with her. My grandma has suffered the loss of numerous people in her life including her parents at a young age, some siblings, her husband, two out of three children, and more recently her grandson (you can read her story here). She has carried a lifetime of emotional pain but has also suffered from the severe physical pain of bone disease for as long as I can remember. Heather was able to sense this and informed me that most of the physical symptoms she was experiencing were actually due to past trauma. Emotional pain is heavy, this I know.


I asked her to complete three distance healing sessions to see if it would help. I did not tell my grandma. Instead, Heather performed one session and I followed up with my grandma the next day. What I heard was astounding. I asked my grandma how her arms felt and she told me that they had not felt that good in a long time. To say she was surprised is an understatement. This answer was coming from a woman who had tried every pain medication (including Cortisone injections every three months) that she possibly could and she sprayed her arms several times each day with numbing ointment without any success. She had even told me a week prior to the first session that her arms felt like they were broken. Oddly enough, after this first session, she also felt extremely nauseous. Heather told me that this may happen as she is metaphorically 'purging' this energy. I reluctantly decided to tell my grandma about the distance healing, and to my astonishment, she believed me. It's not that she 100% understood what was happening, but she trusted it and was open to healing. She could sense a REAL difference and since then, has only sprayed her arms once in the morning to help with any residual physical pain. She has not taken any additional pain medication. I assure you that this is a true story; I would not lie.

I'm always interested to learn about people, and so Heather was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. 

Britnee: Where were you born and raised?


Heather: My hometown of approximately 10,000, is Amherst, Nova Scotia. My family has deep roots there with my Dad's ancestors immigrating from England in the early 1700s.  The original home of William Chapman is a Cdn National Historic Site just outside of Amherst.

Britnee: How old were you when you first discovered that you could read energy?


Heather: In my late 30's, my husband and I were raising two energy intuitive and spiritual kids. I learned about energy healing, and various aspects of energy to initially support our daughters. Not soon after, my own capacities with energy started to really show themselves.

Britnee: What is your favorite part of reading energy?

Heather: Working with each client is so different from the aspects of how, where, and what energy they have that are impeding them and resulting in experiencing life in a 'lesser' way than is possible for them. Recognizing this for each person and being witness to how they feel with this energy being cleared for them is an incredible blessing. I also see the incredible brilliance each person is on a soul level.

Britnee: What is your proudest accomplishment so far?


Heather: The incredible level of trust that I have created.  Initially, as a parent, I didn't understand these amazing gifts our daughters had, and I built this incredible deep trust.  We think that we know more than our children. We can learn so much from them by asking questions and showing our openness to hearing their insights.

Britnee: What is something in your life that you would like to work on?


Heather: Getting to bed earlier! LOL I find the late nights very comforting and the energy when most of the city is asleep is very different. I send distant energy to clients during this time.  However, it doesn't create early mornings!

Britnee: What is your advice for women who are struggling to realize their purpose?

Heather: Start looking at the parts of your life that are feeling out of alignment. Typically those are areas of 'how we are supposed to be'  or expectations of what you should be doing based on society's norms or projected beliefs of others. Dropping imposed expectations and projections start to clear the limitations and conclusions we unknowingly carry.  It begins to clear the path for more clarity of who you truly are. My definition of purpose is being in remembrance of our soul truth and expression of that truth. 

I urge you to reach out to Heather if you are struggling in your life, whether you are having trouble finding your purpose, have experienced past or recent trauma, or if you just want someone awesome to talk to. I had the absolute pleasure of sitting with her in her home creating beautiful energetic bracelets and she provides such an air of calmness and serenity. She's also pretty damn funny! I feel so grateful to have her in my life now, and I know that our two souls crossing paths is not a coincidence. She helped to heal me so that I may fulfill my mission of empowering and supporting you. I have included her social media and website information below. Please get in touch with her. I promise you that you will not regret it!

Website: https://heathercoon.com/

Instagram: @soulfully_heather

Facebook: Heather Coon- Soul Ignitor